We are committed and passionate about social impact projects. Beyond our commitment to serve, enable and empower non-governmental organizations with their initiative, we constantly strive towards making a difference through project management and implementation. As collaborative partners to local and international organizations, we have supported plenty socially impactful project since our establishment.

Browse through our most recent and past projects to look into some of our best accomplishments!

Suara Masyarakat

Suara Masyarakat (EN: Community Voices) is a three-year capacity building program for Malaysian Journalist funded by the European Union (EU). Implemented by Internews Malaysia together with NGOhub and other local partners, it offers a mobile journalism mentorship opportunity for Malaysians through MOJO Citizen Media Program. Enlisting the help of 10 highly-experienced, seasoned mentors from the industry, the mentees are actively producing #MOJOStories since June 2020.

Program Memperkasa Pertubuan Kebajikan (NGO) is a program dedicated to empowering non-governmental organizations with strategies for survivability and sustainability in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic. Organized by Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan Malaysia Negeri Selangor or ROS Selangor with NGOhub as a strategic partner, the program consisted of 6 sessions on fundraising for NGOs, mental health strategies for social workers and a round table discussion. Held in conjunction of HiPER together with GivingHub and Thrive Well, the program empowered 167 participants  from local non-governmental organizations especially in Selangor throughout the impactful sessions.

NGO Academy is a free monthly capacity building program dedicated to non-governmental organizations, social enterprises and interested individuals to acquire new knowledge and skills. Created and organized by NGOhub, industry experts are invited to speak on topics such as good governance, strategic planning, risk mitigation, digital marketing and social media management in a 2-hour session. Since 2015, it has empowered more than 2,000 participants nationwide. 

A collaboration with Think City, this program sought to formulate the most impactful programs to increase the quality of life of communities residing in public housing (PPR) by producing a systems map. A dialogue between 19 stakeholders comprising of government agencies, NGOs and residential associations addressed areas of concern within the PPR community. The systems map established will be used by Think City to work on project planning and implementation with assistance from the stakeholders.



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Program Memperkasa Pertubuhan Kebajikan (NGO) 


NGO Academy

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