We are continuously working towards our commitment to enable, empower and serve NGOs. We believe that each socially aware individual, community, NGO, enterprise and corporation who strives to make a difference should be given a platform where they can enhance their operations, make better impact and connect with other entities in the nonprofit sector. Thus, we have collaborated with and supported high impact projects that bear importance to the nonprofit sector.

From eye opening workshops to community voices, here are some of our active projects to explore.

Suara Masyarakat

We believe that mobile journalism can be a useful tool to enhance community voices (Suara Masyarakat) especially those underrepresented in the media. With an initiative such as MOJO Citizen Media Program, we provide the opportunity for Malaysian journalists to enroll in a mentorship program that can build their capacity to augment the voices of minorities and empower local communities.

Program Memperkasa Pertubuhan Kebajikan

Empowering and serving NGOs are two of our commitments and during these trying times, it is especially important to empower charitable organizations. With collaborations from ROS Selangor, in conjunction with HiPER’21, we bring you 4 programs with 6 sessions of various topics relevant to the charitable organizations community (Roundtable Discussion on NGO and their financial status and Fundraising Workshop). This workshop is attended by 167 participants within 6 workshops.

NGO Academy

NGO Academy provides NGOs with a platform for skill training and information sharing. Through NGOAcademy, NGO representatives would gain new insights on managing their NGO’s day-to-day operations. Done on a monthly basis, invited speakers would present a topic of their expertise such as, NGOs & Laws - Risks and How to Mitigate It and many more. These programs would highly benefit NGOs who participated.

Rights to the City - Ecosystem Dialogue

Our collaboration with Think City sought to formulate the most impactful programs that can increase the quality of life of people staying in public housing (PPR) by producing a systems map. 19 Stakeholders (government agencies, NGOs and resident associations) with the experience, interest and passion for helping the PPR communities would engage in dialogues to address areas of concern within the community. The systems map will then be used by Think City to work on project planning and implementation with help from the stakeholders.

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